Jason and Miranda’s Story

Jason and Miranda met in high school. Jason graduated in 2003 and Miranda in 2007. Upon graduation, Jason chose to join the United States Navy Seabees and served five years. Jason was a crane operator for the Seabees. He was deployed to Iraq twice during his service. After Jason’s service, he returned home and began farming, his true love, with his identical twin brother, Justin. After graduation from high school,  Miranda started her journey of nursing at Southwest Technical College in Fennimore, WI. Miranda graduated from nursing school in 2011 and began her career at Crossing Rivers Health in Prairie du Chien, WI. Jason and Miranda were married in April of 2010. After experiencing two miscarriages, the couple’s first child, Layla, was born in January of 2013. The couple then tried for several more years and suffered three more miscarriages. Jason and Miranda were then blessed with their second child, Emerson, in April of 2017. Much to the couple’s surprise, they welcomed their third child, Eva, in December of 2018.

Justin and Justine’s Story

Justin is a 2003 graduate from Boscobel High School. After graduating, Justin went to Loras College in Dubuque, IA, where he played football and studied to become a history teacher. After five years of college, Justin decided to return to Boscobel and start farming with his twin brother, Jason. Justin welcomed his first child, Genna in September of 2009. Justine, upon graduation, choose to pursue her dream of nursing. She started her dream at Southwest Technical College and then through the years went on to obtain a master’s degree in nursing; she is now a nursing instructor at Southwest Technical College in Fennimore, WI. Justin and Justine met in 2012. The couple got married in June of 2014, and their first child, John, was born in November of 2014. Jeremy, their second child was born in May of 2016. Then, in June of 2018 their third child, Josie was born.